Select the meeting space you want to book.

Nebula Conference Room

Location: Nebula 2F (Red Hallway)
Seats: 10 people
Features: flat screen display, conference phone, whiteboard

Nebula Boiler Room (Lower Level)

Location: Below Nebula 1F Lobby
Seats: 10 people
Features: flat screen display, couch

Nebula Call Room

Location: Nebula 2F (Next to Desk Room)
Seats: 1 person

Perfect for a quick call or private conversation.

Schoolhouse Conference Room

Location: Schoolhouse 1F (3449 S Jefferson)
Seats: 6 people
Features: flat screen display, whiteboard.

This room is available for Schoolhouse members only. If you are not a Schoolhouse member and would like to book this room, please let Nebula staff know.

Clements Lock & Security

Location: Clements (2626 Cherokee)
Seats: 4 people
Features: free key cutting lesson (just ask Scott), meet your neighbors, festive holiday decor

Need a non-exclusive space to host a meeting and learn how to cut a key? Head over to Clements (behind the Nebula building) and hang out with a conversational locksmith and be soothed by the sounds of freshly cut keys as you work.